Filenoting that led to the appointment of a Chief Engineer

2 responses to “Filenoting that led to the appointment of a Chief Engineer

  1. NR

    People become wiser after the event but remain timid when things happen. Where were all these people when officers are denied rightful TA/DA on diversion? Where is the rule to divert officers from one city to another ‘without TA/DA? No officer has courage to counter a babu of accounts who objects to TA/DA of any officer on diversion for local duty. On the contrary mandarins of administration forget FRSR and comment shamelessly ‘such TA/DA should not be given’. And officer has to file case in CAT for TA/DA and Ad Hoc Promotion, and so on. If sin-money is accumulated this way, it is going to go the way it went because the shameless officer will not have courage to stand up and speak, Where were the Babus of accounts when draining out was happening and where were the mandarins of administration who were opining ‘such TA/DA should not be given’. What is the point in author suggesting relaxation of ‘residency’ of cadre officer for post of CE when ‘residency’ of officers here for promotion to Director is being enhanced to 16 years when the time-scales entitle them for the post in 14 or 15 years’ at best? Rules (and also Laws) have been going for toss for long. Only the scale vary. All the best for such conceited campaign, but seems to be wishful thinking of a person having failed during his time. Nothing is going to happen here unless the officers stand up and follow rules and rules only.

    • Readers are free to evaluate this anonymous comment for whatever it is worth.

      This commentator says that if TA/DA had not been given to him on “diversion” in local area, Corporation was accumulating sin-money. TA/DA should not be a source of profit, as per rules. If the decision not to pay TA/DA in a case had been taken by the Administration and Finance that must have only been in accordance with rules on the subject. How can there be TA/DA when the Hqrs. of an official is temporarily changed when he is on diversion? He is not on tour when on diversion in the same station with no need for change of residence. Anyway, the commentator says that he had to go to CAT. He does not say whether the CAT had upheld his plea. If the Hon’ble CAT had upheld his plea, all the Medical Officers in the 35 dispensaries in Delhi would thank him as they can also claim TA/DA for detailment everyday.

      He says something about the period of residency for promotion from Joint Director to Director. We are not able to comprehend his problem. That does not have any relevance with the topic under discussion. No Director has been appointed on deputation, when there were people in the feeder cadre. Moreover, the period of residency had been relaxed for promoting people to the cadre of ACs. No such relaxation had been given to EEs for promoting them to the cadre of SEs,even when such relaxation was needed only for a few months.
      The Post under discussion is about appointment of Chief Engineer. Any mode of appointment must be done only through the UPSC. That alone is the thrust of the Post.

      Anonymous people declare before the world that they feel that they can write anything without assuming responsibility for whatever they write.

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