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This page was intended to give the readers advance intimation about the subject matter of the next Post. This web-site was adding one Post per week. Generally, the posts were to appear on every Thursday night in India. It was done accordingly, for about a year. That periodicity was maintained until all the basic issues had been examined and posted as articles.  That periodicity was not required to be  maintained thereafter. The articles are, therefore, posted, now, only when it becomes necessary, to meet the current requirements.

All the basic information relating to the hoary history of Social Security, setting up of the ESI Corporation, etc., have already been given. They will remain forever in this website  to enable those who want to know the past and also the research scholars who access the website.

It is found that there are serious readers who go through all the articles or many of them one after another. General readership is consistent. The webmaster of WordPress has analysed the readership data and declared that these articles do “have staying power”.

The articles in this site are found useful, especially, by the discerning readers and the new recruits who join the organisation, in whatever cadre, as per the feedback.

It is proposed to publish a series of articles on Recovery matters which will be of use to the employers and the officials engaged in the recovery work. Already, a Power Point Presentation on Attachment of Immovable Property by the Recovery Officers of ESIC and the EPFO has been made available. Some more articles on Revenue matters are on the anvil.

The website, at present, focusses attention on the attempts  made by vested interests at destabilising the nation’s social security network.


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  1. jai

    Please review the Social Security code w.r.t ESIC Act 1948 to compare the pitfalls and issues.

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