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Labour Code: Letter No. 6 – Insignificant representation of employers and employees in the National Council !

The proposed National Council deserves larger representation from a wider spectrum of the employers and employees throughout the nation permitted in the supreme body. It is, therefore, suggested that the draft Labour Code may be modified to facilitate inclusion of, at least, 15 representatives for employers and 15 for employees. Because, the proposed Code amalgamates so many government and government oriented-organisations, including the two major organisations, the ESIC and the EPFO, where ten representatives on either side were in the respective supreme governing bodies.

The parties in power at the Centre should not give the impression that they are afraid of facing the representatives of the people by reducing their representation in the proposed National Council. It is, therefore, proposed that the National Council may be made to have 15 employers’ representatives and 15 employees’ representatives.

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Letter 6 on Labour Code Page 2

Letter 6 


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Labour Code: Letter No. 5 – Rule-making power of the State Governments !

Powers of the State Governments must be listed in an independent Section just like Sec. 165 which deals with the Powers of Central Government to make Rules.

Secondly, all the areas with reference to which powers must be conferred on the State Government must be enumerated, in a thoroughly exhaustive manner in the Code / Act itself.

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Letter 5 for publishing

Letter 5 

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