ESIC Medical Colleges

Are they necessary? And, if so, how many?


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6 responses to “ESIC Medical Colleges

  1. Converting ESIC Hospitals to Medical Colleges is a heroic deed.But these things should be taken, in a phased manner.First one hospital should be converted into a Medical college.It should run for few years.Then top officials of ESIC,both medical and non medical,should analyze the performance and if it is found to be useful for the ESI patients,this project can extended to other ESIC Hospitals.

  2. gauri

    concept-social security
    focus-maximum coverage of establishments & in the process insured persons
    priority-primary health care- to be reinforced by secondary/tertiary through tie up facility ,if needed.
    medical college-rush,rush, rush,neglect ,neglect,neglect,public& media outburst against ESIC

  3. Mathew

    Lets Take up medical college in a phased manner.At present lets make the hospital more transparent in areas viz: tendering processes,maintenance,supply of goods,equipments,diet,ambulances services etc. corruption has allegedly creep into the system.Rotational changes of service provider and management neccesary to prevent familiarity and corruption.CVC guidelines not followed in letter and spirit. ESIC is not in limelight so the alleged loot and rot inside is overlooked.

  4. Venkataraju.RV

    As a laymen I have seen the all round development of ESIC in the last 5 years.There is complete transformation of the brand ESIC for the better.Kudos to ESIC mannagement and everyone involved in the effort of progess n development.But it requires introspection to see that crores of rupees are spent on outpatient services and new medical colleges, in some ESIC hospitaI,Ps dont get bed and are admiited in corridor due to lack of adequate beds and infrastructure.

    I agree with Mathew but corruption-chalte he attitude is a pan India affair.

  5. Venkataraju.RV

    With the increase popularity of ESIC after the diamond jubillee campaign there is increase in the expection of IPs.The OPD,Indoor attemdance and the bed occupancy has increase beyond manageable levels with the existing manpower and infrastructure.More attention should be given to upgrade the 50bedded hospitals to atleast 200 beds.

  6. Abdul Hameed

    The fund of ESCI is exclusively the contribution for an on behalf of lower paid industrial workers. What is called as Employers share of contribution is nothing but labour cost or consideration for the work done for employer by their workers. This fund is in the nature of a trust, to be spend only for the benefit of the contributing workers. But how much portion of this fund is spend on benefit dispensation to the workers and family In 2000-01, around 53% of total revenue was spend on all kind of benefit (medical, cash etc), where as in subsequent years this percentage has been coming down. In 2007-08, only around 31 % of revenue was disbursed or spend for benefits put together, and this percentage remained below 40% in subsequent years. In 2010-11, the increased in revenue collection over previous year was 37.27 % whereas the increased in all benefits expenditure was only 27.33% over previous years. I wish some one in ESIC correct me if this figures are not correct. Now about Medical Colleges, it is a sad state of affairs to say the least and my view on it later.

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