ESI Act – Statement of Objects and Reasons – 1946

The original Statement of Objects and Reasons that everyone is searching for happened to be available in a very old publication. The details of publishers could not be ascertained. The relevant pages containing only the contents of the Gazetted public document are posted here in public interest. The youngsters in the ESIC,  may find it useful.

We thank the publisher. There does not seem to be any subsequent publication by the publisher concerned. If there had been any such publication, the necessity of this Post would not have arisen.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

The Bill was placed before the Central Legislative Assembly, as the Dominion Legislature was called at that time, for discussion. It was referred, thereafter, to the Select  Committee. The Select Committee had given its  report vide Gazette of India Part V of 1948 Pages 124 to 159.
The Act was passed by the Legislature on 19.4.1948.
The Governor General had also given his assent on 19.4.1948.



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  1. Abdul Hameed

    Good research work

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