ESIC Meeting Minutes: Letter to the Hon’ble Prime Minister!

The last sentence in the post titled “ ESI Corporation Meeting on 19.09.2013” published on 25.09.2013 ( read:

“At present, we only hope that the Minutes approved by the Chairman of the ESI Corporation would faithfully record the complete discussion that had, actually, taken place on 19.09.2013 on all subjects.”

But, our worst fears on this issue have come true. The Minutes have been modified by the Hon’ble Minister as he pleased. He had made the entire body of members of the ESI Corporation a mockery. What can we do now? We can only write to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. We have, therefore, written. The following is the text:


The Prime Minister,

Government of India,


New Delhi

E.S.I. Corporation – Meeting of the Corporation on 19.09.2013 – Minutes – tampered and doctored by the Minister for Labour – intercession – requested.


I have to state that the meeting of the Apex Body of the ESI Corporation was held on 19.09.2013. Among the points on the Agenda were the ones conferring powers on the Hon’ble Minister for Labour and Employment to act as the Appointing Authority and Disciplinary Authority of the officers of the ESI Corporation.

This was opposed to by the Members of the body, as it was unnecessary and no justifiable reason was given in the Agenda for the change proposed. It was, therefore, decided to refer the matter to a Sub-Committee to examine the issue in-depth. The tape-recorded version of the discussion during the Meeting would testify to these facts.

That was a correct decision of the body, especially when the Agenda had been introduced under dubious circumstances by the Hon’ble Minister in his capacity as the Chairman of the ESI Corporation.

It is a fact that he was showing extraordinary interest in acquiring the powers of transfer of the officers of the ESI Corporation right from the day he assumed charge as Minister for Labour. This power, when conferred upon the Minister, will give him real authority without any responsibility.

Earlier, Hon’ble Mr. Sahib Singh Verma was also exhibiting such irrepressible desire to acquire the power of transferring the officers of the ESI Corporation. Documentary evidences are available in the Ministry itself in this regard. The organization was saved, fortunately, because his party lost  the elections in the year 2004.

Hon’ble Mr. Sis Ram Ola has not only been exhibiting similar uncontainable desire on this issue but has also gone to the extent of writing the Minutes as he pleased. He has, thus, rendered the entire body of the ESI Corporation redundant. His action is unlawful and gives new dimension to the way we understand democracy in India. I request you to kindly intercede, immediately, and set right matters before it spills over as a major issue spoiling the image of your government during the coming elections in 2014.

Yours faithfully,



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7 responses to “ESIC Meeting Minutes: Letter to the Hon’ble Prime Minister!

  1. Abdul Hameed

    Not clear who wrote the letter to PM. Was it a member?

  2. Abdul Hameed

    Also see yesterdays Supreme Court judgment and direction on Civil Service Board.

    • flourishing ESIC

      1. The Minutes are out and available in the public domain.
      2. It is contrary to what has been reported in the newspapers.
      Economic Times reported as under:

      ” While officials did not oppose the plan, they did inform board members that the amendments sought could not be implemented in isolation.

      At least 13 other norms laid down in the regulations for ESIC staff will need to be changed too. The minister’s proposal also needs to be scrutinised in context of six separate clauses in the ESIC Act and rules framed under it, the agenda note conceded. “The proposal… may be taken up for implementation in consultation with the law ministry,” the agenda note said. The labour ministry did not respond to a detailed questionnaire on the development from ET, but corporation members said the proposal was deferred after questions were raised about the rationale behind it.

      The minister is learnt to have referred the matter to a sub-committee headed by Rajya Sabha MP and Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) president G Sanjeeva Reddy. INTUC is the Congress party’s trade union arm. Reddy, one of the 58 members of the corporation, confirmed the development to ET”
      3. When this much information has been made available to the public, the Minutes contrary to what was already reported in the media, convinces the events that had taken place later.

      4. The fact that the Hon’ble Minister had his way while approving the Minutes without bothering himself about the facts has been got confirmed by telephonic discussion with the respected Member Mr. Kali Ghose.

      5. Members would raise the issue when the Minutes are attempted to be adopted.

      But, a citizen who comes to know about the incidents can report the matter to the higher authority, so that he might be able to know what is going on in the ESIC.

      Action is taken separately to request for the supply of the tape-recorded version of the discussion that had taken place during the meeting.

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