Opaque Party Funds & Repressive new Labour laws

Running a political party in India is not for rendering service to the people. It is more of a business. If one needs to be rich, one can start a political party, collect donations through various means and then claim the privilege of immunity from disclosing the source and then, claim again, that the party needs a lot of money to perform its ‘democratic’ duty.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has shown that about 75% of the funding of the major political parties, including Congress and BJP, comes from unknown sources.According to the ADR analysis of income tax returns and statements with the Election Commission, the total income of the six national parties from 2004-05 to 2011-12 was Rs 4,896 crores. Yet, for as much as Rs 3,675 crores, those parties gave no details of their sources.

Running a political party requires, thus, money and more money. So, the politicians of all the parties tend to collect money from businessmen. All that is collected is not brought to party’s accounts, and most of it is apportioned among the party-men at lower and higher levels, who are there, precisely, for that purpose. All this results in unholy ‘Politicians and Businessmen’ nexus.

The unscrupulous among the top-level bureaucrats, mainly from the IAS, seize this opportunity to act as facilitators between the two. This leads to a lot of corruption within various departments under the control of these officers. Ultimately, nation ends up seeing the purpose for which a department was set up is not achieved, only  or mainly because of this “Politician + Bureaucrat + Businessmen” nexus.

All businessmen are not Robert Owen or George Cadbury. They do not worry about the welfare and security of that section of humanity which is called as labour force. They want only their pound of flesh, the profit for themselves. Naturally, the first victim in the process, because of such malicious nexus among the aforesaid trio, is Labour. The proposed Bill in respect of Small Factories is one of that kind, which paves way for abundant supply of slave labour and sweatshops.

Unless all the political parties are compelled to make public by displaying all their sources of funds irrespective of the quantum of donation, through website, the irrepressible willingness of the Indian politicians to kowtow before the money-bags cannot be checked. The victims, in the process, will only be the poor who will always remain poor.

The manner in which Rajiv Gandhi wanted to avoid going to various businessmen for party fund was made public by Dr. A.P. Mukherjee, former CBI Director in 1989-90.  A news item, with reference to his book “Unknown Facets of Rajiv Gandhi, Jyoti Basu and Indrajit Gupta” is given below for the information of the readers

.   Party funds


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