BJP surpasses Congress in increasing social insecurity!

The small time politicians who rule various countries of the world are leading the world to insecurity and chaos. The situation cannot be remedied unless these politician are stopped from running after the businessmen for their money to fight elections in their own countries and for their own survival. It is time the UNO took effective steps to see that real democracy is practised in all its member nations so that sanity prevails in the world.

It was Mr. Manmohan Singh who brought in the so called globalisation in 1991. Twenty years later during the independence day speech in 2011 he was talking about the poverty of the nation and malnutrition of the children. Now, the BJP government ups the ante and increases the social insecurity of the common people. The bill called Small Factories (R & CS) of 2014 is a classic example proving that the rulers do not bother about commons.

Readers may please go through the following article in The Economist which is an eye-opener.


(Courtesy: The Economist.


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