ISSA chose ESIC for Good Practice Award-2012 !

ESIC got ISSA Good Practice Award-2012 !

The International Social Security Association chose India for the Award in 2012. The Award was given by the ISSA at Seoul on 30.10.2012.


“The ESI Corporation of India has made remarkable efforts to extend social security protection to the workforce in India,” said ISSA Secretary General Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky.

In all, 41 nations participated in the competition meant for Asia and the Pacific 2012 and India got the first prize.

Launched in 2008, the ISSA Good Practice Award programme is organized on a regional basis over a three-year cycle, and has garnered international attention from social security institutions.


Yet, our Finance Minister had fallen victim to the Goebbelsian propaganda by vested interests and said that the ESIC held the beneficiaries as “hostages”. It is sad that middlemen who work against the interests of the society are allowed to influence the decision of the democratically elected Government.

We request the rulers who happen to occupy power-centres to approach  all the core issues with open mind, so that the final decision is correct and is really  in the interest of society as a whole. ESIC has done well. It could have done much better but for certain decisions at the level of the Ministry of Labour & Employment. It would be in the interest of the nation that the Scheme is run without corruption and political interference.

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Press Note Page 1

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Press Note Page 2

NB: The website thanks Ms. Meenakshi,  for her timely prompting through her letter in response to the previous article. 


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  1. s.sukumaran

    Being Pensioners of ESIC,we are updating what is happening in the organization where we served for about 35 years by visiting this site. We wholeheartedly wish for taking much efforts to publish the facts on ESIC.

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