Kerry Vs. Bush: Privatisation of Social Security !

2004 Presidential Election in the USA.

John Kerry wanted to scare away the voters from voting again for President George. W. Bush saying that the latter was planning a surprise second term attempt to privatise social security, and forecast a “disaster for America’s middle class”.  “I’ll tell you what. I will never privatise social security”, Kerry said.

The spokesman of George W. Bush, the Republican Party Chairman, Ed Gillespie, called the charge “just flat inaccurate”.

None of the parties wanted privatisation of social security there.

Kerry Bush

Asian Age 19.10.2004

But, Mr.Arun Jaitely, who allows himself to be influenced by power-brokers and who inserted the term ‘hostages’ in his Budget Speech (without proper document from any authorised source) to malign the ESI Scheme and the EPF Scheme is pressing hard on amending Sec. 44 of the ESI Act, 1948, to privatise social security.

People of India stand warned !

Your representatives are not working in your interest.


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