Labour Code: Letter No. 1 – Nomenclature of the Organisation !

The following letter has been sent to the Ministry of Labour, (to Mr. S. K. Tripathi, Under Secretary) with reference to the Draft Labour Code published by them on 16.03.2017 inviting suggestion and comments from the public. The readers may go through the contents of the letter and offer their opinion both on this website or directly to the Ministry, as they consider fit:

The first letter deals with the nomenclature of the proposed organisation. When an organisation is controlled by a single supreme body, the National Council, it cannot have its name in plural as Social Security Organisation to denote the Central and State level bodies, and leave the context to decide the body which is referred to as the Social Security Organisation each time it is referred to.


Now, for the text of the letter, click on the image to read on !

Letter 1 for publishing 2


Letter 1 


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