Labour Code: Letter No. 7 – Drastic reduction in DB, PDB & TDB !

Quantum of Dependant’s Benefit has been drastically reduced in the Labour Code, when compared with what is available now under the ESI Act, 1948. [even after making allowances due to the definition of the term ‘benefit wage’ under Sec.2.12 of the Code with reference to the ‘Standard Benefit Rate’ as per Rule 2 (7-A) of the ESI (Central) Rules, 1950.] Likewise, the Permanent Disablement Benefit and Temporary Disablement Benefit  too.

This is unfair. This becomes unlawful too, when the solemn assurance given to the persons already covered under the ESI Act is snatched away and only the assurance of reduced benefit is attempted to be given, and that too, unnecessarily,  through the present Labour Code, in the event of death of the employees due to employment injury.

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Letter 7 image

Letter 7



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2 responses to “Labour Code: Letter No. 7 – Drastic reduction in DB, PDB & TDB !

  1. N. Gopalan

    The present Govt. Is anti labour and pro employer. To safeguard the employers only Govt. Is doing all these things. They have taken the advantage of non support of present day workers to Trade Unions and selfish leaders.

  2. N.Thyagarajan

    Very good. Pl see. Medical benefits are going to be provided to Father in law, mother in law..Is it correct view..

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