Letter to the International Labour Organisation !

The ILO had, in its ‘World Social Security Report’ released on 16.11.2010 said that there were many “informal labour practices” in India and that the people of India are exposed to “very high vulnerability” to poverty.

The Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India, New Delhi has, during the “Consultation Workshop”held on 02.05.2017, said that the draft Labour Code put in public domain on 16.03.2017, was “the outcome of prolonged discussions with the ILO and ISSA experts”.

When the name of the ILO is used thus, by the Secretary of the MOL & E  to justify a controversial Labour Code, people do have the right to know whether the ILO is really aware of the contents and the substance of the Labour Code.

Hence the following letter to the ILO:

Representation to ILO





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