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Administrative Procedure: A Powerpoint Presentation

A powerpoint presentation that highlights the importance of Policy, Procedure, Law, Theory and Practice of Administrative Procedure, the direct connection between internal administrative procedure of a department and the interests of the society at large, the extent to which the administrative decisions must be treated as quasi judicial ones, etc., is the Post of this week.

Information culled out from various sources have been threaded together in the Presentation.

Readers are welcome to make use of it.

 Presentation on Administrative Procedure


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Civil servant: how to be and how not to be!

Leaders in non-political fields!

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India, used to go on tour to various places in India with a large entourage. Earlier, the Viceroys were doing that but they were visiting only the princely states in that manner where the local rulers used to look after them all by providing extravagant facilities. There were no such hosts for a President. Yet, the entourage of Rajendra Prasad was large.

Mr. Bimanesh Chatterjee was working as Military Secretary in the Presidential Palace at that time and he was there from the time of Mr. C. Rajagoplachari when he was the Governor General of India. The Government Hospitality Organisation had to maintain the Presidential Palace. That organisation was headed by Mr. Bimanesh Chatterjee but was part of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. Mr. Chatterjee was under the direct administrative control of the Prime Minister while he had to work for the President. He was now working under two bosses.

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