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Medical personnel for ESIC Medical Colleges

A Medical graduate who passed the examination for recruitment of Insurance Medical Officer Gr. II in the ESI Corporation presents himself before an officer in the ESI Corporation and says, “ Sir, I have been selected for recruitment in the ESI Corporation. I have also been selected for admission to the PG course in the PGI, Chandigarh. What shall I do?”  Without any hesitation, the well-meaning officer advises him to join the PGI. It happened years ago.

In the same year another Medical graduate enters into the office of the Railway authorities. He has also passed two examinations. One, the examination for recruitment as Medical Officer in the Railway hospital and two, the examination for admission in a Post Graduate Medical course. He seeks advice from the Railway authorities. He is advised by the authorities to join the Railways first. And, immediately, thereafter, he is sanctioned Study Leave and permitted to undergo the post-graduation course, keeping lien in the Railways.

Are there provisions in the Leave Rules? Apparently, there is no provision at — first sight. An employee should have put in, at least, three years of service to be given Study leave without pay. So, a new entrant cannot eve n think of doing post-graduation. But, there is a provision for relaxation in Rule 65 of the CCS (Leave) Rules. The Railway authorities invoked the similar provision in the Indian Railway Establishment Code to permit that new entrant to prosecute higher studies.  Rule 557 in Chapter 5 of that Code contains Leave Rules for the Railway employees. The authorities there got a bond executed by that candidate as provided in Rule 530(3)(a)(b) therein.

The candidate has nothing to lose. Railways have everything to gain. They would get a P.G. level doctor after three years who will be with the Railways for a minimum period of five years and draw the salary of only an entry level doctor without the PG qualification. Continue reading



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