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Labour Code: Whittling down accidents covered by the ESI Act, 1948 ! Providing subsidy to employers !!


The (CPIO- Labour Law Reforms),

Ministry of Labour & Employment, New Delhi – 110001


Sub: Application under RTI Act – Draft Labour Code on Social Security & Welfare – details of the committee that drafted the Code and the omissions in Sec. 61 and inclusions in Sec. 22 – requested.
Ref: Memo No. No. Z-13025/ 13 /2015-LRC dated 16.03.2017 of the Ministry of Labour & Employment.


I invite your kind attention to the reference cited in which the Draft Labour Code on Social Security & Welfare was put on public domain on 16.03.2017,  in the website of  the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, New Delhi and request you to please furnish the following information under Sec. 6 of the Right to Information Act, 2005:

  1. Kindly intimate the designations of the officials who were entrusted with the work of preparation of the Draft Labour Code which has been communicated to the public by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, through the abovementioned letter dated 16.03.2017 (I do not want the names of those officials, if that information is considered to be a confidential one, while generally it is not so).
  2. Kindly intimate the names of the employers’ representatives or consultants who were roped in for preparing the said Code.
  3. Kindly intimate the names of the employees’ representatives who were roped in for preparing the said Code.
  4. Kindly supply the copy of the filenoting or any other record that would contain the justification (recorded by those persons who were entrusted with the work of preparing the aforesaid Draft Labour Code) for omission altogether, from the proposed Labour Code, of the provisions contained in 51-B, 51-C, 51-D and 51-E of the ESI Act, 1948, while Sec. 51-A of the ESI Act, 1948 has been inserted as Sec. 61.3 in the Code [Sec. 51-B deals with Accidents happening while acting in breach of regulations, etc. Sec. 51-C deals with Accidents happening while travelling in employer’s transport. Sec. 51-D deals with accidents happening while meeting emergency].
  5. Kinldy supply the copies of the filenotings or any other record of those who were involved in the process of preparing the said Code justifying the inclusion of phrases for providing “subsidy” to “the employer” under Sec. 22.6 (b) from the Welfare Funds by the State Board and to provide for “defraying the cost” of “provision of cost of transportation to and from work” for the employees under Sec. 22.6 (d) (vi).

I send herewith Postal Order for Rs. 10 being the fee payable under the RTI Act, drawn in favour of the PAO(MS), Ministry of Labour & Employment, New Delhi.



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