No time to read! So, ESIC got Medical Colleges.

“Why did the Congress bring the proceedings of the Lok Sabha to a stand-still for seven days over the issue of ….?” asks and justifies Ms. Girija Vyas in her article in

That was when BJP was in power. Now a days, we see how BJP is also doing even more vigorously what the Congress was doing earlier.

Where is, then, the time for the MPs to read, study, understand, analyse and take a considered stand over the Bills placed before the House of the People for approval? Naturally, they do not have time.

The important Bills are just taken as read on the last day of the Session or simply ignored and taken to the next session. If people whose vote alone is essential for the Bills to become Law choose to remain indifferent or ignorant of the intricacies of the Bills and their votes are taken for granted on the last day of every session, with or without their being aware of it, who else can discuss the impact of a Bill?

Will there be any law to make all such Bills public and enable the Public to offer their opinion on the Lok Sabha website so that the points of view expressed therein are analysed on record and a report placed before the Lok Sabha so that the Members will be free from reading the Bills and will be free to stall the House.

Some solution, we have to find.

One such instance that shows what happened in the Lok Sabha  on 03.05.2010, when the Members did not have time to discuss the Bill because of the practice of stalling the proceedings of the House,  is analysed in the Powerpoint Presentation given hereunder. Please click on the links:

Presentation on Medical Colleges

Appendix I – Parliamentary Standing Committee report on Amendment Bill 2009

Appendix II – Parliament passed the bill

Readers are welcome to correct the mistakes, if any,or offer their viewpoints!



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4 responses to “No time to read! So, ESIC got Medical Colleges.

  1. Abdul Hameed

    If you cant afford bread, eat cake, that was long back. Now if you cant run primary medical care in small industrial towns, which is the focus of the entire ESIC scheme, why not try running medical colleges ? When the railway minister is from Bihar, all train run through Bihar and if he/she is from Bengal, then the central Minister operate from Eastern Railway office and ask why not the Kanyakumari-Jammu train be routed through Howrah. Same things goes for ESIC also. The irony is that this six decade old organisation funded exclusively by poor workers , is not in the radar of any of the electronic media or the political rabble rousers. That is why no one will know that the old small town with four medical education institution with an outlay of over thousand Croers of rupees being set up simultaneously by workers trust fund of ESIC is in Gulbarga, a dusty small town of North Krnataka far away from Bangalore or Hyderabad. And what is the size of industrial workers benefitting under ESIC scheme here ? May be couple of thousand, with the main textile industry closed. This lucky small town gets a medical College, a Dental college, a Nursing college and one and only Para medical training institute being set up ESIC ! Now point to ponder, why Gulbarga ?

  2. C S Balakrishnan

    well thought out issues have been raised. As you know, ESIC is an organization without a think-tank group or a policy formulation body . It flows in whatever direction the ‘super-boss’ wants to. And we have people who say ‘what-is-in your-mind-I will-say-Sir’ . Recently, many investments are done –IT infrastructure, Medical Colleges, Recruitment, PPPs etc – without doing a proper cost-benefit analysis. Or, is there a plan for privatization?
    We could have, in addition to the points presented in the ppt , offered scholarship to students which could have ensured at least good quality students coming in. This also would have enabled to adjust the numbers according to future requirements.

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  4. piyush bansal

    in mandi there are less than 3000 IPs !!!
    and a 750 crore building is stuck in its final stages.. with 9 faculty recruited too 😦

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